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Abbadia di Fiastra Marche Italy

The Fiastra abbey, close to the yoga school

Accommodation in the park of Fiastra abbey

Peace, silence, solemn architectures

Yoga lessons in the Yoga school Marche

Fully equipped Yoga hall, Scuola Yoga.

Yoga in the beautiful park of the Fiastra abbey

Excursion to the basilica of Saint Nicola of Tolentino

Yoga at the park of the Fiastra Natural Reserve

Excursion to the sea during the yoga holiday Marche


The Yoga lessons – the IYENGAR® Yoga method

The type of yoga that is practiced is IYENGAR® Yoga. Read more about the method:

Association for Iyengar Yoga in the UK & Republic of Ireland 

Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States


During classes we practice the classical asanas, or yoga-poses of Hatha Yoga (physical yoga), using yoga props like yoga chairs, belts, blocks, blankets and more, that allow a gradual approach, suitable for students of any age, constitution, and physical ability.

The final part of every yoga lesson is dedicated to relaxation.

The time available during the holiday week allows enjoying and benefiting from particular IYENGAR® Yoga practice sequences. Special attention is paid to the level of each individual practitioner and during the week the lessons are slowly built up.


A yoga holiday to devote to yourself and to your own energy and at the same time being together in good company, in search of harmony and wellbeing. An opportunity to stop time and to be personally guided in your yoga practice, according to your own ability. Also a wonderful occasion for who is new to get acquainted with the world of yoga.


In the classes every practitioner receives personal attention and there is plenty of time for the explanation of the different asanas. This approach and the experience of its effects on your body, gives new impetus to your personal yoga practice.

The yoga workshops within the yoga holidays offer the possibility to deepen the practice of asanas in a very effective and personalized way.

Practicing yoga is a way to meet yourself and to (learning to) respect yourself, to recognize your limits and progress with loving attention. In the words of the great yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar:Many kinds of physical exercises are competitive. Yoga, even if it is not competitive, requires much effort. The use depends on your willpower: it is a competition between yourself and your own body. ”

The famous yoga teacher B.K.S. Iyengar inspires students from all over the world. Read more about him on this website. Or visit Iyengar Yoga (UK).

The yoga teacher Phaedra de Zeeuw

Phaedra De Zeeuw, certified IYENGAR ® Yoga teacher Intermediate Junior I, started practicing yoga in 1998 with senior teacher Jeanne Buntix in Amsterdam, one of the first teachers in the Netherlands trained directly by B.K.S. Iyengar.

After finishing her studies in Art History in 2000 Phaedra (MA) moved with her family to Italy and continued practicing IYENGAR ® Yoga with Antonella Luminati in Recanati. She has successfully completed the teacher training in 2016 with Martina Alessio and Paola Porta Casucci in Florence, Italy, both senior teachers of “Light on Yoga Italia“, the association that spreads the teachings of the master B.K.S. Iyengar in Italy.

Phaedra is registered as a Intermediate Junior I teacher at the Association “Light on Yoga Italia“. She is founder of the yoga studio “Scuola Yoga”, in Macerata situated in the Marche region in the heart of Italy. She is happy and grateful to dedicate herself to the practice and teaching of yoga. 


Phaedra De Zeeuw - Yoga Marche Italy


For information and reservations just send an email to info@yoga-vacanza.com or call Phaedra: +39.334 3295197 or +39.0733 1960113 (in English, Italian or Dutch language).


The initiator of Yoga Vacanza, Phaedra de Zeeuw, lives and works in Italy since 2000.  She dedicates herself from with love and joy to the weekly yoga classes all year round and also to the yoga holidays during the warm summer months.

She is happy to welcome you in Italy and to share her love for this beautiful country with you. She shares her experience as an art historian and organizer of cultural tours in Italy during the optional excursions of the yoga holiday. Next to that, she also brings you to beautiful places in nature for a walk, to sunbathe or swim.


Yoga Holidays in Italy


Yoga retreat Italy – Yoga Italy retreat

Also this spring and summer the Dutch yoga teacher Phaedra de Zeeuw organizes yoga weeks in Italy at her yoga school in Macerata, Marche (Italy) dedicated to anyone who is open to deepening his or her practice, for who wants to get new energy and for those seeking relaxation.

The weeks are designed to practice yoga in a warm environment, while enjoying peace and quiet and to be inspired by the beauty of Italian landscape and art, the delicious food and good company.

The yoga classes are in the spacious yoga studio and in the splendid Natural Reserve of the Abbey of Fiastra (5 minutes by car from the yoga school). You can immerse yourself here in the peaceful atmosphere of spirituality and the beauty of nature.

The Yoga school

The yoga studio Scuola Yoga is situated near the Natural Reserve of the Fiastra Abbey in the town Sforzacosta, just outside the historical city of Macerata. The yoga school is only five minutes by car from the park surrounded by green hills, ancient forests and beautiful nature.

The yoga studio is fully equipped with yoga props such as mats, yoga chairs, robes, belts, wooden blocks and bricks.



Tours in Marche, Italy

During the yoga holiday you can join the optional activities that include a guided visit to the medieval abbey and an excursion to the wonderful Fiastra lake in the nearby Sibillini Mountains Park, or to the Adriatic sea.


Visit Art Cities and Monuments

Marche is a territory that is rich in artistic heritage, an area that is famous for its inspirational landscapes and the birth place of distinguished personalities.

But this beautiful, quiet Marche area in Italy is still to be discovered by many! The charm of Marche is a landscape of sunny plains dotted with little villages, precious churches and large basilicas; and also isolated fortified centers in reach of populated Cities.


Music Festivals and Concerts

During summer you can enjoy (open air) concerts, Music Festivals, Operas and much more in the direct surroundings of the yoga studio. At your arrival we give to participants of the yoga holiday in Italy a hand-out with the latests updated news of the season.


Beaches in Marche Italy

If you would like to spend a day on the beach during the yoga Holiday Italy, it takes just 20 minutes to reach the Adriatic sea from the yoga studio. There are various attractive seaside places, like Civitanova Marche, Porto Recanati and Numana with beach tents, bars and disco’s. There are also quiet remote beaches at the Conero Park like ‘le due sorelle’ and ‘sassi neri’.

The most unspoilt beautiful beaches are at the Park of the Conero. The Conero is surrounded by a National Park and from the rocks the view is magnificent!
® used with permission from Geeta S. Iyengar and Prashant S. Iyengar, Brand Owners