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Yoga Holidays in Italy with Yoga Vacanza 2017

This season’s first yoga holiday in Italy starts in spring, during the weekend of April 29 – May 1. The yoga holidays in Marche are an initiative of the yoga school Yoga Marche ASD in Macerata, with the Dutch yoga teacher Phaedra the Zeeuw.

A wonderful week in which you return to your own self, regain new energy and feel inspired thanks to the yoga but also thanks to the beautiful surroundings, the delicious and healthy Italian food, the art and nature. For Yoga Vacanza this is all essential. The Yoga holidays in Italy are an initiative of the yoga school Yoga ASD Marche, Italy.

The first yoga holiday in Italy is a yoga weekend, followed by yoga holidays with the duration of a week: 15 to July 22, the week of July 29 to Aug 5 and finally the yoga holiday week in Marche, Italy, from 19 to August 25, 2017.

Also this spring and summer, the yoga teacher Phaedra de Zeeuw, originally from the Netherlands, offers yoga weeks at her yoga school in Macerata, Marche, Italy, open to any student who seeks an opportunity to deepen their understanding and knowledge of yoga, for those who want to gain new energy and for those looking for relaxation.

The weeks are designed for anyone who wants to practice yoga in a warm environment, while enjoying peace and quiet. For who wants to be inspired by the beautiful scenery, the delicious food and good company. The Yoga classes take place in the spacious, fully equipped yoga school and at the beautiful gardens of the Fiastra Abbey Park (5 minutes by car from the yoga school).


Yoga and enjoying sunny Italy

Since the year 2000, the founder of Yoga Vacanza Phaedra de Zeeuw works and lives in Italy, in 2013 she opens the yoga school Yoga Marche ASD and from that moment she dedicates herself with love and joy to the weekly yoga classes and also to the yoga holidays during the warm spring and summer months.

She is the one that will welcome you in Italy and is happy to share her love for this beautiful country with you. During the optional excursions in the yoga holiday she shares her experience as an art historian and organizer of cultural tours in Italy. You will also visit beautiful places for walks, to sunbathe or swim.


The daily program of the yoga week is designed to have a nice balance between activity and leisure, what better than to start the day with a yoga class in the spacious and well-equipped yoga studio, then a nutritious and healthy Italian lunch with fresh, local ingredients, followed by free time to walk in the beautiful natural park, horse riding, swimming, or resting. At the end of the day, a restorative yoga lesson that allows you to completely relax and rest. Restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends.

After the evening lesson, you can enjoy a delicious Italian dinner and have a walk around the historic square of one of the charming villages where this area is rich in.


Next to the yoga classes it is a pleasure to explore this area. To be able to move freely, having a car is a must. In Macerata, you can enjoy an Italian opera evening in the spectacular open air theater Sferisterio di Macerata; within 20 minutes you can reach the Sibillini Mountains for a hike, or a swim in Lake Fiastra. At the Natural Reserve of the Fiastra Abbey, that extends over 1825 acres of land with gardens, a centuries old park with beautiful trees and agricultural land, you can make long walks, do horse riding or enjoy a massage or sauna in the Wellness Centre Armonia.


Yoga Vacanza Prices

Vacanza yoga – yoga holiday in Marche, Italy – Cost of Yoga € 280.00. The price includes the yoga lessons and optional activities. The price does not include accommodation and meals.

Accommodation is possible at the Fiastra Abbey Park, or in the nearby villages.

For information about the Yoga Holidays in Italy and bookings please contact us in Dutch, English or Italian language. We will respond within 24 hours.

Mob 1: +39 334.3295197

Land line: +39 0733.1960113

Email: info@yoga-vacanza.com


All the colours of the rainbow

Frescoes in the Chapel of Saint Nicolas of Tolentino in Marche Italy

In the medieval town Tolentino, Marche, Italy, is located in the historic center, the convent of St. Nicholas of Tolentino, with impressive frescoes from the school of Giotto, painted in all colours of the rainbow. This place where pilgrims travel to since many centuries is only a fifteen minutes’ drive from the yoga school.

The inventiveness, creativity and visual expressions of the artists were employed to communicate with humans, relaying insights, stories and events.Marche, Italy Yoga holiday - Art in the convent of San Nicolas Tolentino As, for example, in this magnificent chapel of St. Nicholas of Tolentino, with frescoes painted around 1325, probably by Pietro da Rimini, a pupil of the great Giotto.

The walls are divided into compartments in which stories and miracles are displayed of the life of the local Saint Nicholas, of Christ and Mary. Tolentino Italy convent saint NicolasThe ceiling opens up to an ultramarine blue sky with golden stars from where the four evangelists (Matthew, Luke, Mark and John) and the church fathers (Jerome, Gregory, Ambrose and Augustine), gaze from above to the viewer.

Marche Italy artAlong with the spectacle of allegories, symbols and mythical creatures it is just breathtaking.

And every spectator can see his or her own story, that’s why it is so wonderful to just be in the room. The longer you remain seated on one of the wooden benches, the more windows open before your eyes; scenes with people, saints, animals, plants, all put down in a naturalistic way. A-4-Tolentino-s-nicolaEven the supernatural is depicted on a human scale. An angel appears surrounded by beautiful warm colour tones; the soul that rises from a corpse, the artist shows it. And the eye that wants to see is a witness.

The Chapel of St. Nicholas of Tolentino was painted shortly after the famous Basilica of Assisi.
The peaceful and evocative city of Saint Francis is a two days’ walk from the yoga school, or one day by horse (or 1 hour by car). It is a journey through the Apennine Mountains and then suddenly the town of Assisi appears as in a vision set against hills and mountains.

That’s where the story continues, more extensive, with artists such as Cimabue, Giotto, Lorenzetti and Simone di Martini.

Frescoes in Italy


Phaedra de Zeeuw has travelled as “a pilgrim, a pilgrim of art” (Bernard Berendson, Pellegrinaggi d’arte) to monasteries, churches, medieval occupations and glorious Renaissance cities in Marche, Italy, and happily gives ideas or tips for visiting inspiring places during the yoga holidays in Italy.

Yoga Vacanza in the heart of Italy – enjoy Art and delicious food


If you love Italian culture and art, then the yoga holiday in Italy is a good occasion to make  wonderful tours. This area is rich in places where the life and traditions of medieval monastic communities are still being felt. A lovely setting for the yoga holiday in Italy!

Convent San Nicola Tolentino, Marche, Italy . art in marche italy

Beautiful frescoes, impressive architecture and sculpture, all conceived with the aim to express harmony. This inspiring art together with the suggestive Mediterranean scenery (and temperature!) is a delightful experience. And wherever you stop to have a snack or meal, the food is genuine.

The medieval monasteries were important patrons of art throughout the centuries, and their wishes and religious ideas influenced the local arts in a striking way. On many idyllic locations early Medieval monasteries, abbeys, churches and chapels have survived – located in green natural parks, in the mountains, on top of the hills far away from civilization, and also in the historical centre’s of villages and cities.

Convent of San Nicola Tolentino Marche Italy. art in marche italyLovely to visit during the yoga holiday in Italy: the Abbey of Chiaravalle di Fiastra surrounded by woods and Roman remains, the Augustinian monastery of S.Nicola in the heart of the Medieval city Tolentino and the monastery of Macereto in the National Park of the Sibilini Mountains.