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The Fiastra Abbey


Natural beatitude

The nature reserve

Yoga lessons are in the spacious yoga school Scuola Yoga near the Natural Reserve of the Fiastra Abbey, as well as in the beautiful gardens of the Fiastra Abbey Park.

This park is the place where local people love to have walks, go to on a Sunday afternoon, have a picknick and relax.

Visit the website of the Fiastra Abbey Foundation.

Early Medieval Architecture

The abbey and its surrounding property lie within the ” Abbadia di Fiastra” nature reserve. Set in the countryside, the abbey is a classic example of Cisternian architecture.

It was founded in 1142 but the first monks started the works already at the end of the eleventh century.  The long presence and the work of the monks can still be felt.

Numerous species of animals and plants enjoy special protection in the nature reserve; it extends over 1825 acres of land with gardens, a centuries old park with beautiful trees and agricultural land. 

Atmosphere of Serenity

A pleasant walk in the Natural Reserve leads to the Abbey of Fiastra. This magnificent medieval monument, one of the most important in Italy, is open to visitors and you can emerge yourself there in a peaceful atmosphere of spirituality surrounded by the beauty of Nature. A very inspiring atmosphere!


Excursions during the yoga holiday

During the yoga holiday we organize optional activities that include guided visits and excursions (to the medieval Abbey, the Fiastra lake for a swim, walks in the Sibillini Mountains Park, ecc). Next to the yoga I have been specialising in the art of this area, and I am happy to share my experiences with you!

The Natural Reserve of the Fiastra Abbey, Marche Italy