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Monthly Archives: June 2020

Protocol for Outdoor Yoga Classes

IYENGAR® Yoga Retreat Italy


Summer 2021

Protocol for Outdoor Yoga Classes


The activities will be carried out responsibly ensuring compliance with the rules relating to spacing and safety. Each participant will occupy a well-spaced space, on their own mat, respecting the two meters distance.

Following the regulations, and with respect for all, it will be mandatory for each participant to comply with the following:

Please read carefully

• stay at home if you have any of the following (also mild!) symptoms in the past 24 hours: colds, coughing, tightness or fever;

• stay at home if someone in your household has a fever (from 37,5 ° C) and / or shortness of breath. If everyone has no complaints for 24 hours, you can exercise again and go outside;

• stay at home if someone in your household was tested positive for the new coronavirus (COVID-19). Because you can still get sick up to fourteen days after the last contact with this person, you must stay at home until fourteen days after the last contact in which this person was still contagious (follow the advice of the government);

• stay at home if you have had the new coronavirus (diagnosed with a laboratory test) at least seven days after the result of the test;

• stay home as long as you are in home isolation, because you have had direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the new coronavirus;

• go home immediately if during class, complaints arise such as: colds, cough, shortness of breath or fever;

• keep a distance of two meters (two arm lengths) from any other person outside your household, except for children up to and including the age of 12;

• cough and sneeze in your elbow and use tissue paper;

• go to the toilet at home before you go to class;

• wash your hands with soap and water before and after a visit;

• avoid touching your face;

• do not shake hands.



Thank you for your patience and cooperation!